Helping to cut out violence , Homelessness, and unemployment

From Our Ashes

& Women Of Worship Sorority

Women Of ​Worship Sor​ority leadership

Main Steward-Jacqueline Augusta - Secretary

President -Catherine Dixon

Vice President - Twanna Quarles


Sherry Doyal-Whitby

Wanda Nelson - Leadership

Kimesha Augusta - Member

Renee Washington - Member

Keshonda Gill - Member

Doris Quarles _ Sorority Volunteer

Renee Hill _Sorority Volunteer

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Mission - Goals - Objectives

Our mission is to help people obtain their basic needs - food- clothes - housing -employment - and business ownership

Our goal is to help as many as our resources through partnerships - collaborations - sponsors - individual donors - and our own efforts will allow

Objective is to give a hand up allowing the people we serve the opportunity to become self sufficient, independent productive citizens

Join our movement : [email protected] - 219-680-9088

Our movement is to give a hand up

By helping provide : food- clothes - other basic needs 


No one person can help everyone in need but we all can help somebody help us help others.

In life we all will or have needed a hand up that's the way life is we need you to join our movement so we can get people the right tools so they will no longer need a hand out or up but can have the opportunity to be independent productive citizens.

WE will provide 

Employment - Apprenticeship - Business Ownership - and Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring and a Meal program

Saving our Sons and Daughters

We will have Business owners, Community leaders, Corporate leaders, Trades members that will mentor our youth from 18-35 so they can connect and provide employment- apprenticeships- business ownership opportunities

we will provide job readiness - pre apprenticeship - entrepreneurship - job training for  those selected by their mentors.  Those not selected will still be able to be provided training and place back into mentoring program until a connection is made. 

The men-tee's will meet with mentor from 4-8 weeks once a week after 4 weeks they will start one of our training classes.


Service Based

From Our Ashes is Not For Profit 501(C )3 Charitable Organization

Tax exempt according to the rules and regulations of the I.R.S.

From Our Ashes Board Of Directors & Leadership

President - Toi Bowers - Secretary - Nancy Anthony - Treasurer - Sherry Doyal - Whitby -Founder/Executive Director Jacqueline Augusta