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From Our Ashes


 Women Of Worship Sorority

Women Of ​Worship Sor​ority leadership

Main Steward-

Jacqueline Augusta 


Jordan Coley

Vice President-

Tosha Land



Ebony Starks


Sherry Doyal-Whitby

Earnestine Easterling Main Steward Assistant 

  Kimesha Augusta -Member

   Nia Clark - Member

  Renee Washington - Member

  Doris Quarles - Sorority Volunteer

  Renee Williams - Sorority Volunteer

  Jr. leadership 

  Jania Doyal 

  Jr. Soro’s

   Shamara Whitby - Praise Team      Leader

   Jasmine Tyler

    Londyn Tyler

Join Our Movement

Mission - Goals - Objectives

Our mission is to help people obtain their basic needs - food- clothes - housing -employment - and business ownership

Our goal is to help as many as our resources through partnerships - collaborations - sponsors - individual donors - and our own efforts will allow

Objective is to give a hand up allowing the people we serve the opportunity to become self sufficient, independent productive citizens

Join our movement : [email protected] - 219-680-9088

Our movement is to give a hand up

By helping provide : food- clothes - other basic needs 

 Through our Soul Kitchen

We serve a hot meal once a week

give clothes, hygiene products and other items

to two Recovery Houses

and a men shelter as we expand these services

will grow 

  • up coming: Workforce & Entrepreneur Training

No one person can help everyone in need but we all can help somebody help us help others.

In life we all will or have needed a hand up that's the way life is we need you to join our movement so we can get people the right tools so they will no longer need a hand out or up but can have the opportunity to be independent productive citizens.

WE will provide 

Employment - Apprenticeship - Business Ownership - and Mentoring Opportunities

Saving our Sons and Daughters

Mentoring and a Meal

Prison Prevention Program 

Purpose - This relationship for the mentor and men-tee is a high priority for both. The mentor must consider being a mentor as one of their main purposes in life.  The mentor and men-tee must be clear on why their together and the reason their meeting.  They will discuss and agree upon what will be worked on, and will be able to recognize when the purpose has been completed.  

  1. We will have Business owners, Community leaders, Corporate leaders, Trades members that will mentor our youth from 18-35 so they can connect and provide employment- apprenticeships- business ownership opportunities
  2. We will provide job readiness - pre-apprenticeship - entrepreneurship - job training for  those selected by their mentors.  Those not selected will still be able to be provided training and place back into mentoring program until a connection is made. 
  3. Mentoring sessions for 16 weeks, first four will be group sessions, last twelve will be with mentor.  Men-tees that will be hired will go through a 8 week job readiness class, meeting twice a week.  Men-tees in entrepreneurship will go through a 8 week training class meeting once a week.  Men-tees 
  4. Training for apprenticeship  will meet for 16 weeks 4 times a week.

What is mentoring 

It can be a coverall for coaching, consulting, advising, and teaching, all these are used at different points of the mentoring process to meet different objectives.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship between two people, mentoring is a development process, it is a brain to be picked, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

The mentor guides the men-tee for a certain duration of time.  The uniqueness of the mentoring comes along with its grand source of intrinsic  motivation, support, and understanding, it has a more personalized relationship between the mentor and men-tee

That is not usual for other forms of learning.  The process is usually a minimum of six months, and normally ends after a year, unless the mentor and men-tee agree on a longer period.  Mentoring allows the building of relationships based on trust, through a holistic approach, that differs from traditional career and personal guidance.

It allows individuals the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge and skills in order for the person to develop personally and professionally.


Is one of the best methods to enhance individual learning and development in all walks of life.

Mentor and Men-tee Relationship 

 Be able to take risks of trusting each other., except each other.

Agree upon working toward specific goals

Deal effectively with unmet expectations or objectives.

Build trust and relationship 

Work together so the men-tee obtains educational, career, and personal goals.

Practice empathy and explore  both their challenges and strengths.

Benefits of being Mentored

Young people with mentors report setting higher educational goals and are more likely to attend college than those without mentors.

Young people who have mentors, particularly at risk youth, are more likely to report engaging in productive and beneficial activities, and volunteer projects, than youth without a mentor these activities increase young adults self-confidence and self esteem.

Youth with a mentor are more likely to hold a leadership position in a club, sports team, school council, or another group.

In both structured and informal mentoring relationships the longer the mentoring relationships last the greater the value for youth and the stronger the outcomes.

At risk youth are less likely to have mentors and more likely to want one.  Most understand the value of mentoring and report wanting one.

What is a mentor 

someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

A guide to help the men-tee  navigate their personal and professional journey. A trusted and respected ad-visor.  Someone that explores with the men-tee their current personal and career situation, what they wish to achieve, and how they can go about reaching their goals., without prescribing solutions or career routes.

Someone that provides support and advice that empowers the men-tee to explore, establish and pursue goals. Their qualities are honest, trustworthy,supportive, a listener, approachable, open, have self awareness, organizational know how, credibility, accessibility, communication skills, ability to empower, inventiveness, empathy,and understanding.  Mentors play a critical role  in the lives of their men-tees.  Mentors play a supporting role in helping direct the men-tee with making decisions in their career and personal choices.  The mentor also help them transition into adulthood or career changes. The mentor helps when life is overwhelming, confusing, and a stressful process.  Having a mentor is beneficial to both the men-tee and their families.  The mentor receive satisfaction from seeing others develop The mentor is challenged and stimulated,  having identified future potential of the person they are mentoring, learning and developing their self from  the process. Receive satisfaction at the success of the men-tee.  Recognition  of mentoring skills..

What is a Men-tee

A person who is advised, trained, or counseled

By a mentor.  The one who absorbs the mentors knowledge and have ambition and desire to know what to do with this knowledge.  A dedicated person who seeks to grow personally, and develop professionally, and successfully reach their academic goals with the support of the mentor.  A men-tee needs to know what they need and want from the relationship.

Have clearly defined objectives.

Give thought to and be able to articulate 

How they think a mentor could assist them.

Think about how they can reach their objectives with or without a mentor.

Be purposeful and pleasant And have challenging goals.

Don’t take advantage of the mentors goodwill 

Position, or confidential information.know what type of mentoring relationship that best suits their current needs and situation.


Service Based

From Our Ashes is Not For Profit 501(C )3 Charitable Organization

Tax exempt according to the rules and regulations of the I.R.S.

From Our Ashes Board Of Directors & Leadership

President - Toi Bowers - Secretary - Eboni Williams - Treasurer - Sherry Doyal - Whitby -Founder/Executive Director Jacqueline Augusta 

Honorary Board - Milton Correa - Gino Montgomery-Jordan Coley -Royce Campbell-James M. Augusta-kimesha Augusta-Kaliyah Thompson- Julian Sherman